Thoughts on Halloween

I was at Goodwill yesterday dropping off the products of our garage-cleaning efforts.  I had to stop in to look around!  It truly is AMAZING at that place.  Clothing all organized by size and color, shoes all lined up by size, books on shelves in categories – and then there was the Halloween costume section!  Three entire ROWS of costumes.  Adult and children’s sizes.  Wow!  Bring the kids!  Have them pick out their favorites.  Save yourself the stress and expense of waiting until the last minute to find an outfit.  You may even find a cute sweater (or 6 of them!) for yourself.  The staff is so friendly and each one of them ends their greeting with, “Thank you for supporting the Goodwill mission!”  My pleasure!

Congratulations to Nicole A. from Cary.  She is the lucky winner of the keyfob.  Stay tuned for more giveaways!


About Wendy Amato Custom Designs

My creative inspiration comes at any time, anywhere. Once I get an idea, I am compelled to try it. No matter how late it is or how many other projects are on my list. Creativity does that to you! I'll try anything once and the good projects get a few more attempts. I like to find the beautiful, amazing and awe-inspiring in everything I experience and only hope to inspire others to look at the world around us with eyes wide open to the creative possibilities. You don't have to be perfect, just give it a try.
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1 Response to Thoughts on Halloween

  1. Nicole says:

    Horray!!! 🙂

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