Folded Book Tree


Oooh!  I was wandering around One of a Kind earlier this month and came across a jewelry vendor who had folded an old book into a diamond shape and it gave me the idea for this little gem. Here’s how I made it:

Start with an old book.  Mine has 300 pages.  Don’t choose one with brittle pages – they will crack when you try to fold them.  Older books with yellowed pages look really neat but any book will work.


Draw a line on the bottom of the pages about an inch away from the outside edge of the book.  This helps to keep all the page folds uniform.  Begin folding in the beginning of the book.  Each page requires three folds.  The first fold is from the top left corner of the page to the line.


The second fold is in the crease of the book.


The last fold is up from the bottom even with the bottom edge of the book.  Continue on through the book all the way to the back.  As you go, the left side will get very bulky so you may need to keep cracking the book open so your folds will stay true to the center crease.


I punched holes in the covers and added a ribbon to finish off the tree.  That’s it.  Give it a try or better yet, have the kids try it!  Happy Holidays!

About Wendy Amato

My creative inspiration comes at any time, anywhere. Once I get an idea, I am compelled to try it. No matter how late it is or how many other projects are on my list. Creativity does that to you! I'll try anything once and the good projects get a few more attempts. I like to find the beautiful, amazing and awe-inspiring in everything I experience and only hope to inspire others to look at the world around us with eyes wide open to the creative possibilities. You don't have to be perfect, just give it a try.
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