T-Shirt Quilt 2.0

If you recall my post about the t-shirt quilt, you know that I’ll try anything once.  In the case of the t-shirt quilt, I knew I would need to do this project twice.  The first was for our son, the second would be for our daughter for her elementary school “graduation”.  The first quilt was a challenge (to put it mildly) so I knew I would need to come up with a different method for the second.  Voila!  I was scrapbooking one weekend at one of my favorite places, The Scrapbook Manor, and Karen had a recently completed t-shirt quilt draped over a chair.  I found my new method!  Grab a cold lemonade and your stack of t-shirts and let’s get started!

I started by cutting all the t-shirts down to size.  I cut both the front and the back of each t-shirt at the same time with my Olfa rotary cutter.  Once again, I used a 12″x12″ cardboard template from my scrapbook supply stash.

Next, I sandwiched a piece of 11″x11″ batting in between each pair of t-shirt layers.

I stitched both diagonals to hold the batting in place.  If I had to stitch over a large area of screenprinting, I stitched on top of a piece of paper so the presser foot wouldn’t get stuck on the ink.

Next, I laid all the squares out on the floor to determine their placement so no two similar colors would be touching, if possible.  Starting with the top row of squares, I seemed the squares together with wrong sides facing so that the seem would be on the front of the quilt.  I used a 1″ seam allowance.  When I finished all the rows, I seamed each row to the next using the same procedure again with a 1″ seam allowance.

With the t-shirts all connected into one blanket, I stitched 1″ from the edge all the way around the outside of the blanket.  That was the easy part!  Little did I know the next step would take 5 times longer to complete!

Next, I used my favorite Fiskars scissors to cut a fringe in each seam taking care to stop short of cutting through the stitching.

Once that process was complete, my T-shirt Quilt #2 was finished!  Much easier than the first!  Give it a try – you know you have the t-shirts!

About Wendy Amato

My creative inspiration comes at any time, anywhere. Once I get an idea, I am compelled to try it. No matter how late it is or how many other projects are on my list. Creativity does that to you! I'll try anything once and the good projects get a few more attempts. I like to find the beautiful, amazing and awe-inspiring in everything I experience and only hope to inspire others to look at the world around us with eyes wide open to the creative possibilities. You don't have to be perfect, just give it a try.
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